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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 08.26.13] cult drama

Some interesting news today in the classic movie world. Rialto Pictures has announced a newly restored director's cut of the cult classic The Wicker Man will open at the IFC Centre in New York City before moving onto Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington and other cities throughout the fall.

This new, 92 minute, 35mm print was discovered earlier this year at the Harvard Film Archive after Studiocanal, the rights holder, started a campaign via, of all things, Facebook to recover the missing 35mm material. Director Robin Hardy has said that this newly restored version, being dubbed the "Final Cut," fulfills his vision. Hardy, now in his 80s, released a sequel a few years ago titled The Wicker Tree (review) and expects to complete his trilogy with Wrath of the Gods in the next few years.

The Wicker Tree follows Sergeant Howie (Edward Woodward) as he investigates for a missing girl in a Scottish island village after receiving an anonymous letter. What he discovers there is a group of pagan worshipping townsfolk who claim never to have seen the girl.

I finally caught up with Hardy's film over the weekend, a director's cut which included some particularly rough additional scenes, and am really curious to see it fully restored as the director intended.

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