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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 08.06.13] scifi action thriller adventure

It's a bit surprising that since the release of the first trailer for Ender's Game, we've been inundated by stills, posters and viral videos but a second trailer for the upcoming adaptation of the much beloved Orson Scott Card novel has been elusive. I'd forgotten about the lack of a second trailer until late yesterday when a new "teaser" for the trailer started making the rounds. It would have been interesting to get a big budget release that only stuck to the one trailer but alas, with only a few months before the movie's release, it's no surprise the marketing team felt it was time for another new tidbit to carry fans through to the movie's opening.

The new trailer focuses, once again, almost exclusively on battle sequences, but this time it also intercuts a few dramatic moments, including Colonel Hyrum Graff (Harrison Ford) and Mazer Rackham (Ben Kingsley) arguing about whether to tell Ender "the truth." Those who have read the book will love that little nugget but the trailer is far better than the first in that it suggests there will be some drama at play here and not just one epic battle sequence after another - even if those sequences do look fantastic.

Ender's Game opens November 1.

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guido_jenkins (9 years ago) Reply

WOW!!! so THATS where Queequeg went after the Pequod sank....fascinating...


MrSatyre (9 years ago) Reply

I read Ender's Game when it first came out, and am damned if I can remember anything about it. This trailer, however, impresses me that---whether it was in the book or is a fantasy of the director of the film---any alien invasion that took place in the here and now (F-35 Lightning II in one flashback scene) would totally decimate us beyond any hope of revival. And why would the aliens leave if we were so utterly incapable of standing toe-to-toe with them? Pure nonsense.

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