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quietearth [Celluloid 08.11.13] scifi

So the time has come. Neill Blomkamp's hotly anticipated follow-up to District 9 has arrived. Time to speak up. What's the consensus out there?

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vandammage80 (7 years ago) Reply

I really liked it. It was no D9, but it was still a damn good Sci-Fi flick!


j.j. (7 years ago) Reply

It was like watching NBC for 2 hours with some explosions and great CGI thrown in. We get that the director (and Matt Damon) think all rich people are inherently against immigration and are evil. If only life were that simple.


Jeff (7 years ago) Reply

Movie critic aspirations and film school politics aside...I enjoyed it.


Stellar (7 years ago) Reply

Looked amazing, and had about 3x more potential than it actually lived up to, but I was still very satisfied.


Stu (7 years ago) Reply

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Dave (7 years ago) Reply

Amazing visuals. Unfortunate story. The plot seemed to have gone off the rails about half way through and it was mostly due to the politics that were injected into the story.


Diggler (7 years ago) Reply

We went and saw it last night. Maybe not as good as District 9, but still a highly enjoyable romp. I also liked the obvious Die Antwoord influences through out.


Jackson (7 years ago) Reply

Horrible! WtF is up with Jodie Foster's giant watch with a 1980s Casio display? There are floating frickin holograms and the most powerful woman in the world has a Casio smart watch?! And people can apparently discern the intent of a raw code dump after viewing it scrolling by for perhaps 5 seconds ("look, it's a code to reboot Elysium!" And this code is so simplistic you can just delete the word "Illegal", replace it with "Legal" and boom, the worlds problems are solved. The movie was beyond idiotic.


Frodo (6 years ago) Reply

Heh just thought I'd add to this, as I think it's a stunningly beautiful movie, but the writing lets it down. Looks like it was a Blomkamp initiation and his hands were tied in everything but the stage. I just watched it on a projector and it really is breathtaking, but predictable and full of agendas.
If Transformers is for adults still trapped in adolescent minds, then perhaps Elysium is for adults who appreciate art for its own sake, even if they've seen the message many times elsewhere.


fendell (6 years ago) Reply

Cliched, socialist nonsense made by and starring a bunch of hypocritical 1% percenters.

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