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Just a note to say that VHS Doc Rewind This! is now available on iTunes. That is all.

With a cast of dozens of interviewees, both fans and experts, Rewind This! is as comprehensive a look at the home video revolution as can be fit into 90 minutes. While many, including our own spoilsport founder, Todd Brown, keep insisting that physical media is all but dead, many of us keep the flame alive. VHS bred the collector mentality into us, I had as many as 400 VHS tapes before I made the move to DVD and Blu-ray (of which I know have over 4,000), and it was all about finding that hidden gem that no one else had heard of.

Even better, sometimes it was about exposing that gem that we remember vaguely from childhood to a larger audience, which is largely my goal in my home video reviews for Twitch. Johnson and company have true affection for movies, not just VHS, but movies as a whole and that's something with which even the most casual Twitch reader can identify. I defy our readers to see this film and somehow manage to staunch the steady flow of fond childhood memories from pushing tears from their eyes. Rewind This! is a fantastic document for the world, I only hope that there's more where this came from!

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