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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 07.22.13] drama

Earlier this year we had a first look at Matthew Johnson's bullying/high school revenge movie The Dirties. At the time, the movie was being readied for premiere at Slamdance where it took home the Grand Jury Prize and Spirit of Slamdance Award.

The movie centers on two high school friends who make a movie about how they would deal with their bullies if there were no consequences for their actions. Things take a turn for the dark when its revealed that one of the friends isn't just interested in making a movie about their ideas; he wants to exact some of this revenge for real.

I was optimistic about the movie after the first trailer and since its Slamdance success, some else has taken note as well. Kevin Smith is presenting the movie via his "Movie Club" distribution company and The Dirties will open with both a theatrical and VOD release on October 4th. With the release date announcement also comes a new trailer which features most of the same footage but this time intercut with accolades. It's still looking good.

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