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Gotta tell you, I've been secretly dreading Spike Lee's Oldboy remake. Part of me is curious to see what Lee, a great filmmaker in his own right, will bring to Park Chan-wook's classic while the other part of me reels at the thought of seeing a toned down American version. With the release of the first trailer for Lee's movie, my second concern has been erased.

Starring Josh Brolin in the equivalent role immortalized by Min-sik Choi, this trailer sets up the story for those who may not be familiar with it: a man is imprisoned for 20 years for no apparent reason and then, just as inexplicably, let out into the world. Obviously he's pissed and sets off to find the people that essentially took his life away.

The merits of whether Oldboy needs a remake is something to be argued in another post and though I'm still cautious, I must admit I'm also thrilled at how violent and titillating this trailer is. I'm more than willing to put aside my love of the original and give Lee's version a shot.

Oldboy also stars Samuel L. Jackson also Elizabeth Olsen and is due for release on October 25.

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j.j. (8 years ago) Reply

I won't be watching after he tried to be the judge and jury to George Zimmerman and ended up terrorizing an innocent family by giving out the wrong address. Man is a piece of sh*t and never liked his movies to begin with.


Stu (8 years ago) Reply

Trailer looks much better than I would of thought. Sure this isn't from Spike Jones? lol

I agree with j.j. that it's a shame that he (Lee) became involved in the Zimmerman trial the way he did. But I'm not going to hold that action against the whole crew and cast of the film...especially sine it looks like they all did a top notch job and performance.

If I judged what films I watched based on the personal life, actions or religious affiliations...I'd be watching a lot fewer films ;)



donc48 (8 years ago) Reply

I have to roll with JJ on this one, for what Lee did to that family and for other reasons. I've seen all of Spike Lee's early films (it was a woman I was dating who dragged me to them). To be fair Lees films where never my cup of tea. Lee never struck me as a gifted film maker, and I've never quite understood the hype. That said one thing I have learned on this site is never judge a film by it's trailer.


uncleB (8 years ago) Reply

Yeah Spike, you should've did like Clint said "Shut Your Fat Mouth!" No way Zimmerman is guilty so start the riot talk Spike. Bring it on.


akshunj (8 years ago) Reply

You guys are debating Spike Lee's merits as a film maker based on some dumb shit he tweeted two years ago? Wow.

The trailer looks good. Better than his last movie, Red Hook Summer, which was pure garbage. He's good for a solid flick every other release.

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