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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 07.30.13] scifi horror action thriller fantasy adventure

If Kohl Glass' upcoming Orc Wars can offer even half the fun of ORCS! then it will be a trip worth taking. While this film takes a decidedly more serious approach, the make-up FX and creature design seem pretty great.

Produced by Arrowstorm Entertainment along with the UK's Mem Ferda and Jennifer Kirkham, Orc Wars tells the story of a Marine who buys a ranch in remote American West, where he encounters a strange series of trespassers, including a beautiful elf princess and a Native American mystic. When Orcs invade his property, John must give up his isolation to become a hero, before the Orcs unleash a dark magic on our world.

The film stars Rusty Joiner, Masiela Lusha, Wesley John, Isaac C. Singleton jnr, Maclain Nelson and Adam Johnson.

This official trailer for Orc Wars, features tank vs. dragon mayhem and lots and lots of Orcs!

Bring it on!

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stevek (9 years ago) Reply

Half the fun of the first? The first was one of the worst movies I've ever seen.


Orc Hunter (9 years ago) Reply

This is an exciting and well made movie about Orcs. It was well worth spending my Hard-Earned money on this Blu-Ray and it was time well spent watching it. I just wish it showed more of Princess Aleya because she is SWEET.

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