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At this point Paul Schrader's contemporary noir The Canyons is as much of interest for its tumultuous road to release as it is for the movie itself. If the first clip is any indication, it's a disaster and a half but you have to give these guys credit, they've hired the right folks to promote the movie because the newly cut trailer is fantastic.

The movie itself, a convoluted story about a starlet (Lindsay Lohan) and her boyfriend (James Deen) and their troubled relationship, doesn't exactly titillate and Lohan's voice over in the trailer gives off a vibe of boredom but the images are interesting and at this point, The Canyons is one of those train wrecks that I can't look away from.

I, and anyone else who might be interested in checking out this probable disaster, will get a chance to do so when the movie is released on VOD August 2.

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