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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 07.31.13] Canada horror thriller mystery

For Canadian director Vincenzo Natali Haunter is a bit of a deviation. Though most of his previous movies, from Cube to Splice, have had horror overtones, he has yet to make an out-and-out horror movie. Until now.

Here Natali takes off his writing hat and for the first time steps behind the camera for a story he didn't write. Haunter stars Abigail Breslin as the ghost of a dead girl who reaches from the beyond to the real world in an effort to warn the inhabitants of her old home of her tragic fate and help them avoid a smiliar one. Along with Breslin, the movie also stars the great Stephen McHattie as, what else, the bad guy, and Natali staple David Hewlett.

This looks promising but word from SXSW is that the movie lacks any scares. It certainly looks like your typical horror movie, complete with jump scares and eerie music, but I'm optimistic that Natali delivers something a little off the beaten path. Just remember that he needs to keep paying the bills until Neuromancer gets off the ground for good.

Haunter will try to raise some scares on October 18.

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That is one very confusing trailer.

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