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Marina Antunes [Bunker Blueprint 07.15.13] action fantasy adventure

Between them Miguel Ortega and Tran Ma have worked on some of the biggest special effects extravaganzas Hollywood has on offer but as is often the case, what one does for a living doesn't necessarily correlate with what we love and Ortega and Ma have been working hard on their off hours to bring their dreams to life.

Their first project, a short film which was shot for $7,000 dollars in their living room in their off hours from the 9 to 5 grind, is a huge achievement, a darkly beautiful 3 minute fairy tale that's perfect to scare little children on Halloween night but for their follow-up, they have a plan for a much broader project. The Ningyo is a period adventure movie about a professor in search of the titular Ningyo, a mythical Japanese creature. If all goes well, Ortega and Ma plan for a 20 minute short which will open the door to more adventures in cryptozoology with Dr. Marlowe.

It's a great concept and from the looks of their Kickstarter campaign, the pair have a great handle on the project with loads of concept drawings, character and creature designs and storyboards though what really impressed me was the campaign video which shows some of the work already underway on the project, including the turning of a living room into a set. Now this is commitment.

For a mere $10 you can guarantee yourself a digital download of the finished product and the knowledge that you helped create a story which looks positively magical. I can't wait to see the finished product. The team's Kickstarter video is below along with their short film The Green Ruby Pumpkin just so you can see what Ortega and Ma are capable of.

Kudos to reader Greg for the heads up.

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