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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 06.17.13] scifi action

Now that we've had one good look at the upcoming Riddick (the first clip doesn't really count since it didn't reveal much), the barrage of marketing is starting and in addition to some pretty nice posters which have been floating around for a week or two, we now have a second trailer.

Though it's about 10 seconds shorter than the first, this new trailer actually features a lot more action and a little more interaction with the movie's other players, namely Katee Sackhoff and Jordi Molla. Still not sure what Riddick is doing on this planet that looks so much like that of the first movie and how the events of the previous movie factor into the story, if at all, but it's looking more and more like this is a direct sequel to Pitch Black. I though I caught some Necromancer action in the first trailer but that seems to be gone completely here; sucks for me since I was hoping for more on the story which was mined in The Chronicles of Riddick.

Riddick opens September 6.

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Digger (8 years ago) Reply

CoR kind of ended the movie line, as one you are the ruler of an all powerful unstoppable army, where do you go from there (story/plot wise?) My guess is Riddick walked away from the Necromongers, unwilling to rule and just wanting to be left alone. Not certain why they need to rehash Pitch Black, but we shall see.


agentorange (8 years ago) Reply

At least they pumped up the monsters in this one. Gotta watch PB again. Loved that years ago.

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