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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 06.28.13] Denmark drama arthouse

Oh Lars, you're such a tease. What else do you call this, the first glimpse at Lars von Trier's Nymphomaniac?

It has already been revealed that the film is broken into eight chapters (1. The Compleat Angler, 2. Jerome, 3. Mrs. H, 4. Delirium, 5. The Little Organ School, 6. The Eastern and The Western Church (The Silent Duck), 7. The Mirror, 8. The Gun) each of which will cover a significant moment in Joe's life. Charlotte Gainsbourg, apparently not traumatized enough by her experience on Antichrist, stars as Joe, as a sex addicted woman who recounts her erotic experiences to a man who saves her.

This first taste, appropriately titled "Nymphomaniac Appetizer - Chapter 1: The Compleat Angler," shows two young women, one of them Joe, competing to see who can pick up the most men on a train. The winning woman will win a bag of chocolates.

It's not much but it's certainly an interesting first glimpse at what von Trier has in store for us. I'm a bit concerned about how this will play out, quite honestly I'd feel a little better about this entire ordeal if Catherine Breillat was writing and directing this particular story, but I must admit I'm curious to see where von Trier goes with it. I'm sure where ever that is, it will be controversial and enraging.

We should know more about the movie's release plans in the coming months.

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