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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 05.31.13] post apocalyptic zombies horror

Despite rumors that Brad Pitt's World War Z (Out June 21) is some kind of disaster because of expensive re-shoots and not being exactly faithful to Max Brooks' original novel, it appears one viewer found the film incredibly compelling. Black Swan director, Darren Aronofsky, screened the film and tweeted his reaction.

Apparently the film was so powerful that he almost broke his daughter's hand. I don't know how old his daughter is, but let's hope she fared a little better than her father.

Positive words from someone like Aronofsky can go a long way to quell concerns, but is it enough to get you into the theatre?

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donc48 (7 years ago) Reply

I'm planning on seeing WWZ. This will be one of the few movies I will see this year right when it comes out. Re shoots don't worry me about a movie anybody remember Titanic and all the production problems it had? I am a little irritated about the movie not following the book, but the book more then likely would not have made a great action movie. We'll see


Jeff (7 years ago) Reply

I'll also be seeing this when it comes out. It's a zombie action movie fer chrissakes...I'm in!!


Scrumptatoes (7 years ago) Reply

There is no chance that I would see this at the cinema.
Marc Foster's direction is reasonably good, but when two thirds of the screenplay team are Matthew Michael Carnahan and Damon Lindelof, and the creative direction for the zombies is suprahuman plasticine athleticism; all kinds of klaxons are sounding to hold back on this film.


Digger (7 years ago) Reply

Lindelof is involved with this? He's the twit that ruined Prometheus and the latest Star Trek flick. How this guy got a job in Hollywood I'll never know. Thanks for the heads up, I'm going to pass on this.


uglypedro (7 years ago) Reply

As I said before, because many consider the book the best zombie tale ever told, people *want* the movie to suck since it doesn't follow its namesakes storyline.
The other way to see the movie is as the first big budget/big star zombie flick...completely unrelated to the book.
I just hope one of the "cut" scenes isn't "The Battle of Yonkers"!


Koolz (7 years ago) Reply

I really look forward to this! Huge budget Zombie movie with top actors! Sorry this will be just Great! I will be curious to see what Lindelof has done with the script though. as long as I am immersed in the film it won't matter.


Hussman (7 years ago) Reply

I'm looking at this movie like the 4th Edition of D&D. 4e is NOT D&D as people know it. It's a fantasy game with the same name, but it's not D&D. It can still be appreciated for what it is, despite the name.


Speedy (7 years ago) Reply

While I loved the book, if you go through most of the chapters, FAST, Superhuman Zombies will mean almost all of the events in the book just do not work.

eg; The downed pilot... no way in hell she can outrun super fast zombies with a broken foot. Yonkers... A "Slow tide that never stopped" with great atmosphere etc turns into a total slaughter of the poor sods trying to stop the zombies.


I will watch the movie, as I like Zombie movies, but I wish people would just accept the fact that pitt stole the name and put it on a different story.


MrSatyre (7 years ago) Reply

Read the book and absolutely loved it, so I'm as shocked as the rest of you probably will be to learn that I'm very interested in seeing how this film plays out. I am, however, somewhat concerned at Pitt's apparent lack of emotion in many of the clips used in these trailers. He has shown much more depth in other films, so I'm frankly bewildered by this change.


chris (7 years ago) Reply

I have just seen the worst adaptation of a book to a movie ever!
World War Z (the book) is a fantastic "this could be the bible of the zombie genre period" story of which the film adaptation only shares the name...NOTHING ELSE.
First sign that this movie was going to be abysmally bad, it's PG13 now let's think about this for a moment. a movie based on a book about a WORLDWIDE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE that doesn't have a single drop of blood in it! not one!
the animated children's movie Paranorman had more gore!
Now i was willing to go into WWZ expecting changes to the book because the scope of the book is huge!
the book takes on geopolitical politics, classism, the ignorance of armchair generals and politicians who refuse to believe the threat they are facing till its too late mixed with stories of genuine heroism around the world. The movie has none of this. I just don't get how Hollywood can take a property and totally ignore what made that property fantastic!
the sad part is this movie will probably make a shitload of money thanks to its multimillion dollar marketing blitzkrieg and since most of the audience won't actually read the book no one will feel the pain I felt while watching this movie. And even sadder is that there was an opportunity to elevate the zombie genre to a whole new plateau.
to MAX BROOKS i hope they cut you a huge enough check to deal with the loyal fans of your work who are heartbroken at Hollywood's bastardization of your masterpiece.
side note: anytime a big time directors (not of the movie in question) comments are used to help market the film know that its gonna be shit (in this case Darren Aronofsky's tweets about WWZ scaring the living heck outta him.) watching this movie I was too angry otherwise i would have went to sleep on WORLD WAR Z zzzzzzzzz.
Oh well i guess ill have to wait for the next season of The Walking Dead to get my proper zombie fix.

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