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Ubber producer Brian Grazer and Imagine Entertainment co-founder and director Ron Howard are rocking the boat at Cannes. The duo have unveiled a slate of new projects, including a much buzzed about new movie which they hope to crowdfund and though this seems to be getting most of the attention at the moment, there were two other announcements in the so-called "Imagine 2.0" slate that are of interest to us.

First and foremost is news that the long discussed Dark Tower movie is going ahead. Last we heard Grazer, Howard, Akiva Goldsman and Stephen King had condensed the nine book series into three movies and a couple of limited run TV shows and though it looks like the future of the other entries is still up in the air, news now is that Media Rights Capital has agreed to fund a single movie starring Russell Crowe as the gun slinger. Grazer suggests that their original movies and TV combination may still be an option but it looks like either way, we're going to get at least one movie from the beloved franchise.

The other bit of news is that a reboot of Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles is also in the works. "Tale of the Body Thief," the fourth novel in the Chronicles, follows the depressed Lestat as he agrees to switch bodies with a human for a day only to have to scheme to get his vampiric body back. The script by Image Reliance Writer's Lab alum Lee Patterson has the green light from Anne and her son Christopher Rice and is currently being shopped at Universal.

Though on the one hand I'm thrilled at the possibility of more Lestat on the big screen, Queen of the Damned was such a disaster I'm sceptical about new adaptations. This one at least introduces some interesting aspects of Rice's universe that haven't been explored in previous movies and could certainly be a great starting point for further adaptations.

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Ozzfather (9 years ago) Reply

Russel Crow?!? Oh, hell no! GAAAHH... I think the last tiny part of my soul has just died.


uncleB (9 years ago) Reply

Maybe Crowe's version of Roland will throw telephones instead of using a six gun. Stupid idea to cast that POS

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