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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 05.10.13] Germany scifi drama

Though the upcoming Under the Dome shares a similar conceit as Julian Polsler's The Wall, the Stephen King adaptation deals with what happens to a group of people when they're inexplicably cut off from the rest of society but image for a moment that when the dome or, in this case, wall comes down, you're alone in the countryside.

Polsler's movie, based on the much celebrated 1963 novel of Austrian author Marlen Haushofer, takes a much more intimate approach to the situation, isolating a nameless woman behind the wall with only the company of her trusty dog and a trio of farm animals. After trying in desperation to get out before finally giving into the fact that you're alone and incapable of escaping... what do you do? Do you contemplate the life you lived? Do you muse about the future and wonder if anyone will miss you? Do you simply give into the fact that you'll likely die alone here? I'm not sure but it certainly looks like Polsler's movie explores some of these questions.

The Wall premiered to great reviews at Berlinale last year and after a successful festival run it's scheduled to open in NY on June 7 and LA on June 14. Hopefully a DVD release won't be too far behind.

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