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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 05.13.13] United Kingdom horror documentary

UK Directors Kevin Gates and Micheal Bartlett (The Zombie Diaries) are set to release their new supernatural series The Paranormal Diaries with an investigation into the fabled cult landmark, Clophill.

Forget what you know about found-footage horror films, because, while there my review is forthcoming, I can say that the Paranormal Diaries offers a unique take on the genre, blending authentic documentary with traditional horror story-telling to create a chilling viewing experience.

The Paranormal Diaries is making its market debut at Cannes 2013 with Imagination Worldwide representing.

In March 1963, a black mass was held in the ruined church at Clophill. Tombs were looted, animals sacrificed and human bones arranged as grotesque furniture during a macabre ceremony. Fifty years on, further defilements continue and reports of necromancy and sightings of ghosts are common. The local populace distance themselves from the ruined gravestones and Clophill's infamous reputation.

In 2010, a documentary crew was assembled to interview the village's inhabitants, eye witnesses and set up camp in the church ruins overnight in the hope of filming the spiritual unexplained. What followed that long weekend was a terrifying journey into the unknown.

Here's a better view of the poster. We are expecting a trailer from the production soon, so keep your eyes on QE!

Trailer via: Dread Central

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Jeff (9 years ago) Reply

This just might be worth a watching. Something else about the site found here:


j.j. (8 years ago) Reply

This is on at Frightfest as well btw - the full line up of movies was just published. Looking forward to The Dead 2 as well!

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