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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 04.03.13] scifi thriller

Oh internet, how I love and hate you at the same time. While we regularly get excited for movies with ridiculous plots, once in a while one comes along that sets people off. Seems The Purge is the first movie to enter this year's ledger.

Written and directed by James DeMonaco, the story unfolds in a near future where America is doing well. Really well. Unemployment is at an all time low as is crime and the way the government has managed the lowered crime rate is by, once a year, allowing a 12 hour period of time where are crimes, including murder, are fair game. So while some are out getting their jollies on or avenging whatever it is they're avenging, others lock themselves in their high security homes eagerly anticipating the 13th hour.

The premise is no more ridiculous than some of the other stuff we've come to love (like putting a bunch of kids on an island and asking them to kill each other is in any way viable but whatever) and though I doubt The Purge will deal with the morality of the purge, it certainly feels like a pretty solid home invasion thriller - with a twist.

The Purge stars Ethan Hawke (who also appeared in DeMonaco's debut Staten Island) and Lena Headey (currently on HBO's "Game of Thrones"). Look for it on May 31st.

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