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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 04.15.13] scifi drama

A few years ago we discovered director John R. Hand. A talented storyteller whose only real trouble seemed to be production values and good acting talent, we were none the less impressed by the director's vision in Scars of Youth (review).

Shortly after the release of that movie, we discovered that Hand was working on another feature titled The Synthetic Man and it too had the makings of something great that Hand described as "a mix between They Live and El Topo."

The brief but intriguing synopsis reads:

A young woman filled with anxiety and paranoia escapes into herself and creates a fantasy world involving ancient aliens who control the human race through the "Synthetic Man," a figure shrouded in mystery who may hold the key to the woman's tangled past.

Judging from the movie's first trailer, it too looks decidedly low budget but that's never stopped us from appreciating the good and Hand has certainly proven that he has some great potential. Hand advises that The Synthetic Man was shot in both HD and VHS which should make for some interesting visuals and is due for completion at the end of May.

Trailer and crazy ass clip which made me jump six feet out of my skin, below. Check out the movie's Facebook page and stay tuned here for more updates.

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