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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 04.09.13] Portugal thriller

Once can't knock writer/director Leonardo Antonio for lack of originality. His film My Engine's Fragile Sound (O Fragil Som do Meu Motor) which premiered at Cannes last year and which will have a theatrical release in Portugal later this month, is told from the perspective of unborn child. The baby isn't dead and watching the events unfolding from above but rather, he or she is in the womb of a burn victim in a coma. Strange because unless the story is told in flashback, how's an unborn child going to comment on what's going on outside the mother?

The story unfolds around a nurse named Gabi who works in the hospital's burn unit, her husband Pedro, an ex-cop, and the couple's fried Victor, an investigator on the hunt of serial killer who may be responsible for the mother's severe burns. Gabi, unhappy in her marriage, finds comfort in the arms of a stranger who won't let her see his face and before long, she begins to suspect that her lover may also be the serial killer. The mystery remains: who is the mother?

It sounds like pretty standard thriller material but I'm really curious about the baby angle and how this story will play out. The trailer is cryptic, it's not immediately clear who is talking, and also ugly in all the right ways. The shots of the burned woman are particularly vivid.

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