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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 04.16.13] drama

Watching the trailer for Josh Beck's debut feature Ever, the last thing that comes to mind is Bellflower but the two movies will forever be linked, if only spiritually, since Beck decided to start writing his feature shortly after seeing Evan Glodell's movie.

The trailer reveals little of the plot, for a moment I thought it was a music video for Lykke Li's "I Know Places," but I was so impressed that I went digging for more, secretly hoping that there was more than just 2 minutes of video, and was rewarded with the discovery that Ever is currently in post production and that Beck hopes to have the film finished in August with eyes set on a festival run.

As for what it's about...

Ever has lost the love of her life and as the one-year mark of Sean's death approaches, her depression takes a turn for the worst. Before she gets the chance to do anything permanent, a stranger steps in; Emily is an outgoing and open-minded photographer who has taken it upon herself to keep Ever alive and happy. When an unlikely romantic relationship forms between the two girls, it seems Emily could be the solution to Ever's pain, but these new and complicated feelings may not be enough to save her life.

I like that Beck isn't sticking to the convention of another guy coming to Ever's rescue, explaining that it's not a lesbian film but rather the story of two people who fall in love.

Undoubtedly we'll be hearing more about Beck and his debut in the coming months but for now, we leave you with the beautiful trailer.

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Olmo (9 years ago) Reply

I'm fed up with indie cinema with silky photography, songs by cool singer-songwriters and hand-held shots (get a tripod, for christ's sake). Enough is enough.


Hiddnfox (9 years ago) Reply

Seriously...or just make Music Video's


Dave (9 years ago) Reply

Can't wait to see more on this!

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