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Marina Antunes [DVD News 03.13.13] scifi horror action

Yes, you read right. After years of touring the festival circuit and making fanboys (and girls) out of nearly everyone who sees it, Astron-6's fantastic bit of goofy genre fare will finally be making its way onto home video so that everyone can take in the greatness that is Manborg (review)!

Anchor Bay and Raven Banner are releasing the soon to be (if not already) cult classic on April 16. From the looks of it, there's only a DVD release in the works but it comes with a great assortment of extras including Commentaries with Director Steven Kostanski, actor/writer Jeremy Gillespie and Executive Producer Peter Kuplowsky, deleted and alternate scenes, behind the scenes footage, bloopers, stop motion montage, VFX montage, interviews, Q&A from the premiere at Fantastic Fest and perhaps most awesome, the Bio-Cop short film!

Mark your calendars and prepare for the awesomeness that will make you squee with glee! You can pre-order your copy right here.

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