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quietearth [Celluloid 03.14.13] horror

Paul Hough's indie horror film The Human Race has been making the rounds at festivals and picking up a quite a few accolades. I like the concept, which is a little Speed, a little Saw and a little Stephen King (as in, "The Long Walk"). There seems to be a supernatural element at play too, which is an added element of intrigue.

Check out the trailer below.

80 people are ripped out of their daily lives and all re-appear in an undisclosed location. These people are from all walks of life: young and old, athletic and disabled, white-collared and homeless. The rules to a race boom in their heads, in their own voice and language, laying out what will become a horrific race of terror: "If you are lapped twice, you die. If you step off the path, you die. Race...or die."

Via: 24FPS

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