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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 03.11.13] Spain thriller

Spaniard Alex de la Iglesia is well known for his harsh, satirical approach to storytelling. Last year's As Luck Would Have It (review) was a little tamer for the director who seems to be back on track for the loud and brash with Witching and Bitching.

There is a plot synopsis, something about guys robbing a bank and ending up on getaway road trip to Euro Disney rather than the Morocco. Along the way they drive splat into the a coven of witches where things really get crazy. Or normal for a de la Iglesia movie.

The trailer is all sorts of crazy featuring bank robbers dressed as Jesus and Minnie Mouse, blood, sex, heavy metal and a cave party that is likely to get ugly really quickly. Or uglier than everything we see up until that point. In one word: insanity.

There is no indication from this trailer what de la Iglesia is picking at this time, but I'm sure all will become clearer when we see the movie, hopefully later this year.

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