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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 03.21.13] scifi action adventure

It's getting to the point where all of the Star Trek: Into Darkness trailers are beginning to merge together. Is this new footage? Is this just a re-cut of an earlier trailer? I'm starting to get a bit confused by the marketing machine. Pretty soon we'll reach point of saturation but just before we get there, there's definitely time to check out one final trailer.

The new international trailer which hit the web yesterday (you can take you pick of which language you want to see it in) is pretty awesome, combining some previously seen footage, a bit of new and lots of Cumberbatch goodness. Best exchange in this trailer (and likely the entire movie):

Cumberbatch: "I'm better."
Pine: "At what?"
Cumberbatch: "Everything.

Take that Kirk! We all know how this will end but it's nice to see a villain with balls.

Set the countdown clocks. Star Trek: Into Darkness takes off May 17.

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