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quietearth [Celluloid 02.28.13] scifi animation comedy

Aha! Now I understand why that Robosapien movie we reported on a few years back has failed to make an appearance. It's laaaaaame.

Okay, that's unfair. Kids might get a kick out this toy line tie-in I guess, but based on the film's first trailer it fails to deliver on our hopeful visions of Batteries Not Included meets E.T.

At Kinetech Labs, an inventor designs a robot for search and rescue, but when he finds out that the robot will be used for military purposes, he programs the robot to flee. The robot escapes but is damaged in the process. It is discovered by twelve-year-old Henry (Coleman), who fixes it and names it Cody.

The robot does not remember its past, and Henry and Cody develop a friendship. Eventually, Kinetech and the inventor find Cody and bring the robot back to the laboratories. The inventor feels guilty for taking Cody away, so he returns the robot to Henry. The inventor meets Henry's mother in the process and falls in love. Kinetech wants the robot back, so it kidnaps the inventor and Henry's mother. Henry and Cody embark to save them and to bring down Kinetech.

The film is produced by Marvel Studios head Avi Arad and Steven Paul and directed by Sean McNamara (Bratz, Fantastic Four, Ghost Rider).

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