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Marina Antunes [Cathode Ray Mission 02.12.13] scifi fantasy

Artist Rob Prior is known for his work as one of if not the very best photo realist artist working in the comic book business and with everything from "Dungeons & Dragons" and "Heavy Metal" to "Terminator" covers under his belt, he's pretty much covered everything as far as comic art is concerned and now the artist is stretching his creativity muscle with something far different from anything else he's done.

It was announced yesterday that Prior, who also has experience as a conceptual artist on a number of movies, has sold Red Brick Road to Warner Horizon Television who hope to turn the imaginative sequel into TV success story. The details on the story are being kept under wraps but we do know that Prior's take is futuristic and told in a "Game of Thrones fashion, filled with politics, intrigue and violence."

Futuristic "Wizard of Oz" isn't exactly new (SyFy jumped on that band wagon a few years ago with "Tin Man") but Prior's take is more than a retelling of a story we already know and though it will feature familiar characters, the title suggests its based on a little discussed bit of Oz trivia; though it's not known for sure, Oz fans believe the Red Brick Road leads to Quadling Country which is ruled by Glinda the Good. The various areas of Oz, each with their own leader, could prove an interesting basis for a show heavy on political power play.

I expect we'll see more details on the project, including whether it will go ahead, after the release of Sam Raimi's Oz the Great and Powerful. Though the two projects have nothing in common, Raimi's movie might be an indicator to whether people care enough about Oz to be interested in a new take on the material.

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