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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 02.13.13] scifi action thriller

I'm really excited for Joseph Kosinski's upcoming Tom Cruise vehicle Oblivion. I can't help myself: I really enjoyed Tron: Legacy and Cruise's personal antics haven't been enough to dissuade me from my belief that the guy makes some pretty entertaining blockbusters.

The story takes place in a future earth which has essentially been wiped out after an attempted alien invasion. Cruise plays a drone technician who discovers that the planet isn't quite as desolate as the last remnants of humanity believer it is – or at least admit it is.

The first trailer featured some great post-war earth images and a little insight into the story but this new international trailer delivers a few more glimpses at the story which appears to include memory manipulation on a massive scale. It also includes a look at earth pre-invasion and some new alien footage as well. And oh yes... our first look at Melissa Leo who appears to be playing a badass.

Oblivion opens April 19th.

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