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Marina Antunes [Bunker Blueprint 02.20.13] Australia post apocalyptic scifi

Writer/director/producer Aaron Stevenson is returning to the PA universe. Long time Quiet Earth readers will remember Stevenson as the man behind Freedom Deep (trailer), a movie which is very well regarded around these parts. It's been a few years since Freedom Deep with no word from Stevenson - until now.

The Rare Earth is a sci-fi tale grounded in reality. Eliza D'Souza (recent winner of a best actress award at Tropfest for her turn in The Break-Up Tour) stars in the film which takes place in 2039 Australia just after the discovery of some bones which suggest our ideas of evolution may not be accurate...

In 1969 Mungo Lady was found.
In 1974 Mungo Man was found.

Both skeletons were discovered at Lake Mungo in Australia. They are the worlds oldest cremations and are around 50 000 years old. Their mitochondrial DNA is unique and may not be shared by today's population.

Their existence brings into question the generally upheld ‘Out of Africa' theory of evolution.

In 2039 a New Skeleton is found and is also near 50 000 years old, this one however has a small metallic hinge in its knee...

So begins Stevenson's new project. It's not exactly a lot of information but it's just enough to peak interest.

With filming complete Stevenson is raising money to finish the movie in the style it really deserves. He vows the project will see release this year regardless of whether the funds are raised or not but obviously, everyone wants to deliver the best possible product and for that, Stevenson needs help. The recently launched fundraising campaign page features Stevenson talking about the project but what really sold me was this extended preview for the project which was tucked away on the movie's website.

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mackmeijers (7 years ago) Reply

I wonder, it sounds familiar, is this derived from a book?

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