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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 01.17.13] Sweden drama adventure

A few years ago I had the chance to see Fredrik Edfeldt's The Girl, a quiet drama of a little girl spending the summer alone. Edfeldt brilliantly played with expectation and suspicion, carefully setting up scenes that occasionally suggested horror to follow. It was a tense but rewarding watch and occasionally I still find myself thinking of the carefree youthfulness and beauty of Edfeldt's movie.

For a follow-up, Edfeldt is taking on a story with a little more adventure. Faro stars Jakob Cedergren as a father who has killed a man. He's on the run with his daughter and the police in hot pursuit so the pair dump the car and take off into the forest.

It's unlikely the story will end well after all, there's only so far and so long one can run before either getting caught or giving up but the story seems more concerned with the father/daughter relationship and their time together in the forest.

I love the look of this trailer which is part dreamy father/daughter adventure drama and from the looks of it, part procedural drama. I expect Edfeldt will handle the story with the same thoughtful care of The Girl.

Faro will premiere at the Goteborg International Film Festival later this month before opening in Sweden on March 15. Hopefully it will also play the festival circuit throughout the year.

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