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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 11.21.12] horror

When will kids learn that you just can't take any chances when it comes to urban legends and pagan rituals. In the movies at least, it never ends well and that's certainly the case in The Midnight Game.

Directed by one of our favourite up and comers A.D. Calvo, the man behind The Melancholic Fantastic (trailer), from a script by Rick Dahl, it's the story of a group of teenagers who, on a dare, perform a pagan ritual which is said to summon a demon called the Midnight Man.

The first teaser doesn't provide a whole lot of details but it sets up the story quite nicely and hints at some horror and mayhem to come. Stay tuned for more details on the movie which will hopefully arrive in the new year.

Until then, check out the video here.

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