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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 11.15.12] scifi adventure

Looks like Phillip K. Dick isn't the only author making the movie news headlines today. Hot on the heels of the recent announcement that Anonymous Content and Electric Shepherd Prods have signed a first look deal to develop movie and TV projects based on Dick's extensive collection of novels and short stories, news now is that Joe Haldeman, the author best known for the allegorical Vietnam war novel "The Forever War," has signed a movie deal.

"Seasons" is part of a collection of scifi short stories titled "Dealing In Futures," which collects 11 of Haldeman's best short works. The story "focuses on an anthropological expedition to a planet with sentient humanoids that goes horribly awry." This all sounds well and good and news of the adaptation of the work of a celebrated author is worth getting excited about the other part of this news.

Though he has yet to direct a movie, Tim Miller has extensive experience in effects (everything from Johnny Mnemonic to The Wolfman not to mention that outstanding opening sequence from the The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo remake), has been given director duties - just another project to add to his growing list which already includes Deadpool and Warren Ellis' Gravel. What's concerning is that Haldeman's story is being adapted for he big screen by Sebastian Gutierrez whose previous credits include Gothika, Snakes on a Plane, Rise and Elektra Luxx. Not exactly the greatest track record.

It's still early days with this project and it certainly sounds like it has potential but the list of Gutierrez's previous work is disheartening. Hopefully this will be an improvement on his track record.

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