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Well this is awkward. Though earlier this year Syfy decided that the BSG prequel "Blood and Chrome" wasn't good enough to greenlight, they figure it's still worth something, especially to the ravenous fanbase. Rather than letting it rot on the shelf and trying to make back some of the money they dumped into the two hour pilot, here's what they've come up with.

Syfy will still air the two hour pilot sometime next year before releasing an unrated version on DVD and Blu-ray but before the pilot ever hits the TV air waves, it will make an appearance online. The pilot has been split up into ten 7 to 12 minute parts, the first of which will air Friday, November 9th with the rest of the episodes airing over the next four weeks at Machinima.

Not exactly what BSG fans were hoping for but I guess it's better than nothing. I'm curious about the "unrated" release (fingers crossed it doesn't include awkward sex scenes) but I'll likely stick to either watching the websisodes once they're all up or just waiting for the television airing. Whatever way you choose to enjoy "Blood and Chrome," take a moment to take in the newly cut trailer which looks a little, but just a little, better than the original.

Via EW

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