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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 10.16.12] post apocalyptic zombies horror action thriller

Paramount Pictures recently hosted a presentation to showcase some of their upcoming films, among them was World War Z. They showed a room full of industry types and some journalists the first trailer for the film and from the sounds of the report below, it not only implies that the rumors of the film being a mess were possibly unfounded, but that the film will be worth the wait.

Here's what Coming Soon had to say::

"The presentation ended on a profoundly high note with a trailer for the adaptation of Max Brooks' zombie novel, World War Z.

It begins with Brad Pitt's character sitting in traffic with his family. They're busy playing a game when a cop bashes on their window in a panic. Standing near the driver side window, the cop begs Pitt to stay in his vehicle and, soon thereafter, is pummeled by a bus careening out of control. An explosion erupts and a mass of people race down the city streets. Pitt and his family hop into an abandoned RV and we get a glimpse of the world in madness.

Beyond an unusual pair of eyes, we don't get a good look at World War Z's zombies, but the measures the uninfected take to reach safety might further confirm what last year's set footage revealed - that these zombies can run.

In the trailer, gigantic hordes of people are scrambling for dear life. They're not just pushing and shoving each other out of the way, rather climbing on top of each other and manically hanging onto a hovering helicopter.

In one of the trailer's final shots, there's a mountain of people trying to climb over a wall that must be hundreds of wriggling bodies high. The material is dark and downright horrifying, not only showing what could happen should the undead invade on a physical level, but also reflecting the societal meltdown that would ensue, and the pure chaos we'd be left with.

World War Z, based on the footage, looks to be well worth the wait."

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scifiai (9 years ago) Reply

Yes! Can't wait.


pleeg3 (9 years ago) Reply

Uggggghhhh errrrrrgrufffff yummmmm, pinkies I love pinkies, uuhhh Brad Pitts pinkies. Rott Face and Stinky Joe would drop dead and reanimate again if they knew I had Super/Supper Star Brad Pitts pinkies.
Until WWZ opens we won't know how close it resembles the book. From what little I know the movie doesn't sound like the book. Which is a shame.
Fingers crossed the books were so good, it'd be sad to see the Movie rated PG with the title being the only thing in common.


tim weigand (9 years ago) Reply

It's going to be shit. There hasn't been one single good Zombie movie since notld '90. The genre is dead.


donc48 (9 years ago) Reply

I wouldn't totaly agree, if you're a purist you might be right. There is some good thimgs comming out of Africa (The Dead)and Europe The Horde and Mutant. You can make a arguement Mutant is not a Zombe flick but you could make the same argument for 28 says later, and 28 weeks later. It's all in the eye of the beholder. The problem is Zombie flicksd are so cheep to make and somebody will watch them. I think the genre is on the downward slope but it's not quite cold. BTW I think WWZ will make little diff either way.


uncleB (9 years ago) Reply

Sounds good


Speedy (9 years ago) Reply

Ok. from that description... it is NOT WWZ.

The main character was NEVER in that situation. The Zombies do NOT run.



Pleeg3 (9 years ago) Reply

Because Brad Pitt is involved and something tells me you won't see him as a Zombie. As the book goes there is no one Main character. Imagine if the studio said we're making this movie right from the book. Everyone knows the more Brad's face fills a movie screen the more people will pay.
Let us hope this doesn't destroy Zombie movies forever.
And the only Main Character there was in WWZ was Max Brooks or rather the author recording the Zombie Apocalypse.
One way to make this a winner.... Angelina Jolie as the most beautiful zombie ever....

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