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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 10.24.12] scifi

We were first introduced to director Tyson Johnston last year when he arrived on the scene with the short abduction movie Exist (full short). The director has some extensive experience with effects but the short was more than just a showcase for fancy visuals and offered a great little story.

Since the online release of Exist, Johnston and writing partner Justin Zachary have been working on Seed, a colonization-gone-wrong tale, the trailer for which appeared earlier this year. Now complete, Johnston was good enough to send the full short over for a peek and it's well worth a bit of attention.

Taking place in 2071, mankind is in the process of colonizing a planet they've named Gaia. They send one astronaut out on a mission to search an uncharted area nicknamed "The Void" to ensure that there will be no problems with continued colonization except, all's not OK.

It's a simple and well executed story with an interesting little twist and though the visual effects are definitely on showcase, they're not the most interesting part of the story. At this rate, I expect Johnston will be making the transition from shorts to features in no time. There's certainly enough left unsaid in both of his shorts that could offer up interesting material for a full length feature.

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