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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 10.18.12] Sweden thriller

Joel Kinnaman found himself on the brink of a Hollywood career in 2010 with Easy Money (Snabba Cash). In the Swedish thriller based on the first book of Jens Lapidus' "The Stockholm Noir trilogy," Kinnaman plays JW, a college student passing himself off as a wealthy society guy in hopes of making the right connections for his future but instead ends up a drug smuggler in an effort to keep up appearances of his wealthy lifestyle.

The first movie in the franchise was hugely successful, playing well both at home and internationally, spawning a soon-to-come American remake starring Zack Effron of all people, not to mention a sequel. Snabba Cash II has yet to make its North American debut but the franchise is moving ahead with the third and final instalment.

Jens Jonssen, a Swedish director whose The King of Ping Pong took home the Grand Jury prize at Sundance in 2008, is taking over directing duties for Life Deluxe, the final entry into the trilogy. Joel Kinnaman will reprise his role of JW along with returning castmates Matias Varela, Dejan Cukic, Madeleine Martin and newcomers Martin Wallstrom and Malin Buska.

Kinnaman is busy with the Robocop remake but that's not stopping Life Deluxe from moving ahead with principal photography starting yesterday.

More details to come as production continues.

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