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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 10.18.12] horror

Writer/director Damien Leone likes clowns. Killer clowns. He likes them so much he's now made two short films starring a psychotic serial killer in a clown suit. He's done so well for himself that his second short, titled Terrifier, won an audience award at Shockerfest last year. But Leone is now looking to make the move from short films to feature length and what better place to start with an old familiar friend: the creepy clown.

The 9th Circle shares its title with Leone's 2008 short and features the same creepy killer and a peek at the director's excellent practical effects but the similarities seem to end there because the short teaser looks much nicer than either of his previous two movies. The feature, when funded (and boy do we hope it gets funded!), will follow a group of teens investigating an abandoned insane asylum where they encounter three demons on a mission from hell.

One doesn't need to look very far to see what a talent Leone is and if this teaser and his previous movies are any indication, we're in for a fantastic offering of horror. We'll await further details on the project but until then, be sure to check out both of his shorts and the new teaser below!

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