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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 10.16.12] Canada thriller drama

I will never fully understand how the Canadian movie industry works, especially when news of a great looking Canuck feature comes via an email about a film festival on the other side of the world. The way in which we discovered Jimmy Larouche's feature film debut isn't really the issue here but rather that we found it at all.

Written and directed by Larouche, The Scar (La Cicatrice) had it's world premiere at BIFF earlier this month and will, undoubtedly judging by this trailer, make the festival rounds for the next few months. Or so I hope. Starring Marc Beland and Patrick Goyette, two veterans of French Canadian TV and movies, it's the story of Richard, a man who returns home after thirty years, seeking revenge for an incident that took place when he was a child.

It's safe to take some guesses at what the incident could be but we'll leave it as shady as the synopsis does and let the trailer, which is brilliantly edited, speak for itself. It looks like Larouche, a veteran of short films, has made a great first feature.

Official synopsis:

How to build a future on a lifetime of failure? The deepest scars are not always the most visible ones, and the one Richard carries within has been open ever since on a particular evening where, in a barn, when he was a child, his life changed forever. Thirty years later, he has returned to that same place with the intent to take his revenge. Between realism and fantasy, The Scar draws an intense psychological suspense, through one man's confrontation with his past.The games children play, are not always innocent...

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