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rochefort [Celluloid 10.02.12] United Kingdom action thriller crime

Frank (Richard Coyle) is a low-level drug dealer who prefers the small scores and easy deals, and it's only once he decides to shoot a little higher that he gets mixed up in a drug bust and barely escapes, but without the money, and without the coke fronted to him by local crime boss Milo (Zlatko Buric). Now he has only days to come up with what he owes, and as each of his plans to get some quick cash falls flat, he resorts to more and more desperate measures.

Nicholas Winding Refn, the guru behind "Drive", "Bronson", and of course the original "Pusher" trilogy, serves as Executive Producer on this British remake of the 1996 film that made him a force to be reckoned with, so I guess that's an endorsement.

But, unless you just really can't stand subtitles, this second remake (a Bollywood version came out in 2010, though I'm not sure if it had Refn's blessing) isn't really must-see viewing.

Coyle and Buric (who reprises his role from the 1996 version) are both good, but the rest of the cast is a pale imitation, especially Bronson Webb as Tony, the role that a young Mads Mikkelsen absolutely owned in the original. I can't even recommend this if you've never heard of any of the versions.

For the newbies, seek out Refn's Pusher trilogy first and then check this one out only if you'd like to see it with a few splashier visuals and British scenery.

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