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quietearth [Celluloid 10.09.12] post apocalyptic thriller

Fourth Wall Studios, creators of interactive online shows Dirty Work and Gamblers have released the first episode of a new post-apocalyptic series three years in the making called Flare.

You can dive into the series here.

The first episode is called "The Hunt" stars Mark Moses (Mad Men) and Jamie McShane (Sons of Anarchy).

One day, with no warning or explanation, the Sun went out. So did the Moon, the stars, and all electricity. When the sky went black, society collapsed. Now a few desperate people survive.

Then, a year after the darkness fell, an extremely bright light,like an enormous flare, rises into the sky lighting up the world. Within 60 seconds it disappears into the atmosphere, bringing the crushing darkness back. But, every 24 hours at exactly the same time, the Flare reappears.

Is it salvation or is it the end?

How it works:
In THE HUNT, we use your phone to listen in on the amateur radio conversations of others out there struggling to survive. We also use our ability to provide multiple layers of story simultaneously to give us much deeper insight into our characters internal thoughts and struggles. Finally, we receive messages from the past that broaden our understanding of how drastically people's lives have changed since the world went dark.

Via: /Film

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The Bishop (8 years ago) Reply

Reminds me of the sci-fi novel Spin.

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