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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 10.30.12] scifi horror action comedy thriller adventure

I have no idea what on earth John Dies at the End is about. I've seen the trailer, read the synopsis and a handful of book reviews and I still can't really wrap my brain around what the deal is with this book turned movie but one thing's for certain: I know I need to see it.

Adapted for the screen by master of the weird Don Coscarelli (of Phantasm and Bubba Ho-Tep fame), this is by far the strangest little flick coming in the next few months. Heck, it's been the strangest flick coming since it's premiere at Sundance. Our man at SXSW described it as being "over before you expect it to be, and you won't want it to end."

Magnet will be releasing the movie on iTunes on December 27th with a limited theatrical release on January 25th, and they've cut a shinny new trailer which features some footage from the original trailer with a few new tidbits mixed in. It's batsh*t crazy and I can't wait.

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