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Though zombies are the hot commodity at the moment, my love of creatures of lore still lies primarily with the vampire and one of the projects which has my full attention is Neil Jordan's Byzantium.

A story of two women, Saoirse Ronan and Gemma Arterton, who are two hundred years old and survive on human blood, who are hiding out in a run down coastal town. Their laying low plan goes south when Eleanor (Ronan) befriends and shares her secret with a local boy named Frank (Caleb Landry-Jones). The film also stars Sam Riley, Jonny Lee Miller, and Daniel Mays.

With the film set to have its world premiere at TIFF on September 9th, the first clip has emerged and though mostly wordless, it's darn effective. Seems as though the vampires here can walk in daylight and aren't caked in make up but what's best is the dark feel of the clip, even though it takes place in full daylight. The combination of music and Ronan's pained control at the sight of so much blood... if this is any indication of what we can expect it looks as though Jordan is going to deliver a winner.

Via Empire

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rbk (8 years ago) Reply

Looks intriguing but aren't vampires still (True Blood, Vampire Diaries, Twilight...) a hot commodity?


masque36 (8 years ago) Reply

Sounds like let the right one in except there are two vamps now.


Speedy (8 years ago) Reply

Read Dracular. (Not the movies). Drac could walk in daylight, but he was mortal. Could be killed like any other human. (Mind you, he could still control dogs, bats, rats etc.)
Vamps burning in sunlight was not intorduced till Nosferato(Spelling?). Drac in that movie was kept in the ladie's bedroom, till the roster crowed. He opened the curtin and was killed by the sunlight. (Saving them the extra time of a long fight scene etc.)

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