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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 09.19.12] zombies horror thriller

When the selling points of your movie include being shot in 15 days for $6,000, I can't help the almost immediate response of "Ugh." Ten years ago that may have been something to get excited about but in today's movie landscape, that often just means that the filmmaker had deep pockets, rich friends or has gone into debt. Only occasionally does the resulting movie deserve mention.

When those two points came up in conjunction with the announcement that Jeremy Gardner's The Battery would be making its world premiere at the Telluride Horror Show, I cringed a little. Certainly didn't help that also in the sentence was something about zombies. For some reason, I pushed on and gave the trailer a chance. Good thing too because what Gardner presents certainly looks much more polished than I could have expected.

Gardner wrote, directed and co-stars in the movie as Ben, one half a duo of former baseball players with immensely different personalities, who find themselves travelling the back roads of New-England after a plague which has left zombies in its wake.

It doesn't sound like much but the opening scene of this trailer sold me on the project though it certainly helps that the rest of the trailer is chalk full of goodness. Their motto that this is a "A $6k zombie movie. That doesn't suck" is looking promising.

Definitely one to keep on the radar.

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Fendell (8 years ago) Reply



j.j. (8 years ago) Reply

looks awful. HOWEVER - these guys could have careers as writers ahead. Some funny set-pieces.

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