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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 09.05.12] horror thriller

I have to hand it to Barry Levinson for keeping his resume fresh. The Oscar winning director has been attached to The Bay for some time and though initial reports didn't say anything about a found footage movie, news that Oren Peli was producing raised a few clues as to what we could expect.

Some concept art that emerged from the movie earlier this year confirmed that The Bay is indeed a found footage movie, this one chronicling the events that unfolded in the seaside town of Chesapeake Bay which becomes ground zero for an epidemic when a parasite finds its way onto land and infects the inhabitants of the small town, turning them into zombies.

Rather surprisingly considering the lack of anything notable from the found footage department in some time, the first trailer for The Bay is pretty good, setting up the story and revealing the effects of the parasite in an effective fashion. Not certain what to expect of the movie as a whole but we don't have long to wait in order to find out. The Bay will premiere at TIFF before making its theatrical and VOD deubt on November 2nd.

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Stu (10 years ago) Reply

Liking the sound in this! Anyone know if this is part of the soundtrack or just effects?


The Bishop (10 years ago) Reply

Night of the Creeps meets The Happening.


pleeg3 (10 years ago) Reply

Ummm errrr wait that's the footage I shot month's ago. People false alarm, it looks much worse than what really happened. It was just the Deer Ticks trying fish and Deer Ticks can't swim.
Upon further review maybe it's not my footage. What I saw looked promising. Our scare didn't have as many attractive people.


Ostego (10 years ago) Reply

Are you affiliated with any government entity?

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