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quietearth [Celluloid 08.03.12] horror action comedy thriller

Boneboys is about to have it's world premier at Fantasia, and we still aren't exactly sure what it's about. It has a bunch of crazies and some broad running around screaming. Cannibalism may be on the menu or just du jour. Now I can die happy. I need to sleep.

From the Fantasia website:
Somewhere in some seedy corner of San Antonio, Texas, after a convenience-store foodfight turned into a car chase that kills a street gang's dog, a bunch of friends become the target of leather-clad psycho jocks from hell - so dangerous, they even scare badass Latino gangbangers and police officers! It doesn't help that they happen to be craving for fresh meat. A cat-and-mouse game ensues and then, halfway through, everything literally goes apeshit. And we mean King Kong-size shiznit, that implies lots of yelling and screaming in a huuuuge abandoned facility filled with kidnapped women, ready to be _________, by a dysfunctional family of wild freaks: a mustachioed beatnik and his straight razor, a cross-dressing surgeon-butcher having fun with his taser (!), a soon-to-be-unchained ogre (!!) and a ridiculously greasy old man armed with a revolver (!!!). Of course, there will be a roaring chainsaws - and it even gets crazier. You'll never know what hit you (riots? explosions? gunfire?). In fact, we don’t quite know either.

We reported on this way back in 2010. Wow.

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