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Marina Antunes [Film Festival 08.08.12] Canada horror drama

Jeez. Can we say BRING IT with any more enthusiasm? Highly unlikely.

We've already seen a clip from Brandon Cronenberg's Antiviral and our man on the ground at Cannes had some great things to say about the movie but the rest of us have been patiently waiting for more on young Cronenberg's first film and here we have it: a trailer. And not just any trailer but a fantastic trailer. One that entices fans of the creepy to run out and see this at the earliest opportunity.

The story takes place in a world, not unlike ours, fascinated with celebrity to the point where a company sells celebrity diseases to deranged fans. Syd works for such a company and when he finds himself infected by a disease from a celebrity, he finds himself the unlikely object of attention.

It's a fascinating concept, one that mixes horror with some interesting cultural ideas that are deserving of exploration and this trailer suggests that Antiviral will deliver the goods.

Antiviral will play TIFF before it's theatrical release on October 12th.

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stu (9 years ago) Reply



agentorange (9 years ago) Reply

Those of you interested should really read the chrystal ferret's review from Cannes (linked in article). One of the best dissections your likely to read I think.


The Crystal Ferret (9 years ago) Reply

All modesty cast aside, this is indeed one of my best pieces.

For the Parisian crowd, or anyone hanging around the city of lights, it will show at L'Etrange Festival ( sept 6 to 16)

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