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Marina Antunes [Film Festival 08.08.12] Canada comedy drama

Claire is a badass. More accurately, she was a badass whose badassery got so out of hand that she failed her senior year and was forced to stay behind and repeat. Now her badass image is slipping and she's not quite as cool as she used to be. Henry doesn't seem to notice so when Claire starts giving him advice on how to be cool, he takes it. It's probably not going to end well for either of them but when you're desperate, you'll go far beyond your comfort zone.

That's the basic premise behind Kate Miles Melville's Picture Day. The veteran Canadian TV writer reteams with Tatiana Maslany (playing Claire) and Spencer Van Wyck (as Henry) (both of whom she's worked with on the long running "Degrassi") for her feature film debut, a dramatic comedy that seems to share some DNA with what I love about the shows Melville's worked on over the years: small laughs in familiar situations.

No trailer yet but we do have a few clips from the film that surfaced before the announcement that the film would have its world premiere at TIFF. Hopefully the festival will yield, at the very least, a Canadian distribution deal.

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TopCat (10 years ago) Reply

Looks cool, nice to see a more subtle high school drama

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