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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 08.13.12] apocalyptic horror action

Here is the trailer for an upcoming apocalyptic short called Hidden. It is written and directed by Russian filmmaker, Michal Barylski and features some great photography. I'm digging the intensity and look forward to seeing the full piece.

There are strange things going on in an old factory complex somewhere in Russia. Someone or something is sending a telepathic calling signal. It starts to affect people. Army decides to quarantine the entire area.

At the same time two TV correspondents are investigating the situation. They quickly find themselves between the odd powers trying to affect their minds, and Russian Army trying to clean up the place and take control over the situation. Will they survive the calling?

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Jim Hague (9 years ago) Reply

So it's S.T.A.L.K.E.R. the short film, then? Because it's not only so close to the premise of the game as to be indistinguishable, but the costuming matches same.


Dominik Marzec (9 years ago) Reply

It has nothing to do with STALKER, although the feeling of the movie is somewhat similar. By the way - the director is from Poland, not Russia;)


Jan Kucharski (9 years ago) Reply

All actors in this film, and so on are from Poland :D


Michal Barylski (9 years ago) Reply

That's true. With all respect for Russian people, I'm Polish. In the crew we got three Russians who ware puting the voice over for the soliders.

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