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quietearth [Celluloid 08.01.12] Spain thriller drama crime

Oddly, this was a made for TV film even though it looks engrossing and has some stunning crime scenes, ala Se7en. It's about a female serial killer who knocks off old ladies, and yes, there's some bingo scenes. Director C. Martín Ferrera's previous movies didn't have much success which includes his 2005 film Zulo premiered at Sitges, and the 2010 Suspicious Minds.

One of the production companies involved in Childish Games along with Filmax,

Eva is a young police officer with her sights set on breaking into homicide, but is stuck in the robbery unit. One day, she is asked to join the hunt for a serial killer with a predilection for murdering old women in the panic-stricken. The rookie agent will have to juggle capturing the murderer while toughing out her own personal battle against Chief Inspector Xavier Vidal, the man who constantly shuts door to the homicide unit in Eva’s face.

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