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quietearth [Celluloid 07.23.12] United Kingdom post apocalyptic comedy

We bring you news of one of my most hotly anticipated projects: The Fitzroy. It's set on a submarine in an alternative, post apocalyptic 1950's and centers around a man trying to keep the submersible livable while hiding the murders committed by the woman he loves. Producer Liam Garvo says its a cross between Delicatessen and Fawlty Towers. While I've never seen Fawlty Towers, I am salivating at the thought of dry British humor confined to a leaky submarine - all in a monochrome palette. The Fitzroy is still in the developmental stages but will start it's crowdfunding in about 7 weeks. If you want to see what Garvo is capable of, just watch his incredible scifi short Breathe which played at the Sci-Fi London Film Festival (among others) in 2010. The film will be written and directed by Andrew Harmer with James Heath and Garvo producing.

The Fitzroy is a dark surreal comedy. Set in an alternative 1950's where the world is covered in poisonous gas, The Fitzroy hotel, a leaky submarine beached just off Margate, is the last refuge for a traditional summer holiday.

The film centers on Bernard, the hotel’s bellboy, cook, maintenance man and general dogsbody, who faces a daily struggle to keep the hotel air tight and afloat. This daily battle is thrown into chaos when he falls in love with Sonya, a murderous guest. As Bernard tries to hide her murders from the other guests and an ever-suspicious hotel inspector, he is drawn deeper and deeper into a world of lies and backstabbing.

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