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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 07.18.12] horror action

In Heaven is Hell, God has let heaven become an overgrown, creature-ridden wasteland... for some reason... and the armies of Jesus have to fight to sort that shit out. We first reported on this in June and now we have the first teaser!

The film centers on a recently deceased girl named Faith who gets all wrapped up in the drama. The film is a low budget endeavour, but there's zombies, demons, gasmasked geeks and steampunk flame thrower guys, so check it out. It reminds me of the stuff we used to cover when we were just starting out here at QE.

After an untimely death, Faith wakes up in an overgrown, creature-ridden wasteland which she soon discovers is Heaven. She is greeted by a team of apostles who are in a constant battle with Zerach, an evil archangel who has usurped God's power and enslaved him, and in a constant search for Jesus to take up arms with them and reclaim the throne of Heaven.

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